Early 2012

Anthony Diiorio organizes a variety of Bitcoin meetups in the Toronto area. BTC trades under $10. Anthony starts the Toronto Bitcoin Group.


Early 2013

Anthony Diiorio founds and is elected first Executive Director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada (now “Blockchain Association”.

Kryptokit is conceived and development begins. Kryptokit becomes the first Bitcoin wallet browser extension on release.

Late 2013

Vitalik Buterin shows Anthony a project he has been working on: Anthony is the first reader of what will become the Ethereum Whitepaper. Anthony dedicates funds and his full attention to building a team to pursue the Ethereum Project and becomes co-founder of Ethereum.

Ethereum is born: Decentral gives the Ethereum Project its first home. Anthony Diiorio, Mihai Alisie, Vitalik Buterin, Charles Hoskinson and Amir Chetrit co-found the project to develop the platform laid out in the whitepaper. (Joseph Lubin, Gavin Wood, and Jeffrey Wilke are added as founders a few months later).


Early 2014

New Year’s Day: Decentral opens its doors at 64 Spadina Ave. The Bitcoin ATM in this new office is the first in Toronto and second in the country.

Decentral organizes and runs the Bitcoin Expo 2014 (bitcoinexpo.ca), attended by thousands and the biggest cryptocurrency event in Canada at the time.

Summer 2014

Ethereum global crowdsale begins and eventually leads to $18m in ether sales (now worth over $44 billion).

Rushwallet by KryptoKit launches in beta as a simple HTML5 Bitcoin wallet.

Late 2014

Decentral hosts its 100th event. Seeks new event space to accommodate demand and crowd size.


Early 2015

Decentral partners with MaRS to host events in 2015.


Early 2016

Jaxx 1.0 released. Additional platforms supported.

Late 2016

Jaxx passes 100,000 users; Android is the most popular of the 9 platforms Jaxx supports.

In-app cryptocurrency swapping features go live; Jaxx users are able to exchange a variety of cryptocurrencies for each other, instantly.


Early 2017

Jaxx hits 300,000 users; users can pair their Jaxx masterseeds across iOS, Android, Chrome Browser, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Spring 2017

Decentral announces upwards of 70 industry partnerships; companies include Coinbase, RSK, BitPay, Bittrex, Blockchain Capital, QTUM, Bancor, MonaCoin, Omni, Lisk, Stratus and others.

Summer 2017

Decentral Grand Odyssey Boat Cruise - hit blockchain event celebrates 4 years of Decentral events.

November 2017

Jaxx exceeds 400,000 users around the world.

Decentral Inc begins construction for 5-floor, 15,000 square foot office and event space in the heart Toronto’s financial district.

December 2017

Bitcoin prices hits $20,000 CAD. 2000x higher than when Decentral’s founder, Anthony Diiorio, started building the Toronto cryptocurrency community.


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