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30 Days of Jaxx, Day 13: Santiment token now live in Jaxx

30 Days Of Jaxx, Day 13 – Jaxx Announces the Addition of Santiment token SAN to the Jaxx Wallet

14th September 2017 – Toronto

Santiment & Jaxx announce support in the Jaxx wallet for the Santiment Network Token, SAN.

Santiment is a platform for cryptocurrency-related datafeeds, exclusive content streams, and a regularly updated database of cryptocurrency projects for reference. Santiment infrastructure gives crypto traders the information edge to maximize profit and mitigate risk. Focus will be on sentiment analysis, content, and datafeeds to start, since crowd sentiment is the current driving force in the crypto-markets.

Anthony Di Iorio is enthusiastic, “Santiment’s long term goal is to be the market data infrastructure for cryptocurrencies and the decentralized economy. Timely and reliable information of this sort is critical to the maturity of the blockchain community. I’ll watch their development I’m excited that Jaxx is able to support the SAN token”

Maksim Balashevich, CEO of Santiment echoed Anthony’s optimism, “Having a seamless experience in the Santiment ecosystem is one of our key mandates. With Jaxx’s integration, it brings us one step closer. We’re very excited to be included in one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly wallets in the industry.  Keep up the great work Jaxx team, here’s to a decentralized future!”

About Santiment:

The Santiment team aims to build the market data infrastructure that powers the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain space.The team consists of  proven entrepreneurs and crypto-traders. You can reach the CEO, Maksim, at [email protected] or Mitchell at [email protected]

About Jaxx:

Jaxx is a multi-token blockchain wallet that provides a unified experience across 9 platforms and devices including Windows, Apple and Linux desktops, Apple and Android mobile devices and tablets, as well as a Google Chrome extension. The Jaxx wallet enables crypto-to-crypto buying and selling with frictionless in-wallet conversion. Users are always in control of their keys and Jaxx neither holds nor has access to customer funds. Driven by design and user experience and built with simplicity in mind, Jaxx’s mission is to become the interface to the blockchain world.