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30 Days of Jaxx, Day 23: Jaxx Announces the Addition of Salt Lending to the Jaxx Wallet

30 Days of Jaxx, Day 23: Jaxx Announces the Addition of Salt Lending to the Jaxx Wallet

28th September 2017 / Decentral – Toronto – Today Jaxx is excited to announce support for the SALT Membership token, SALT, in the Jaxx ecosystem.  

SALT lets consumers leverage their blockchain assets to secure cash loans. SALT makes it easy for individuals and organizations to get fiat-cash loans without having to sell their favorite investment – their bitcoins, ether, or other crypto assets.

Anthony Di Iorio sees SALT as representative of the trend towards decentralized business models, “We’ve entered the age of decentralization. Diamonds, deeds, derivatives – the world’s assets are migrating to blockchains. The SALT platform facilitates loans secured by this rapidly expanding class of decentralized assets. I’m glad we can support their team and support the SALT membership token in Jaxx.”

SALT streamlines every step of the loan. The application process focuses on the value of the borrower’s blockchain assets instead of their credit score or income. Borrowers are automatically matched with capital from the extensive network of SALT Lenders. SALT then keeps borrower’s collateral assets safe in a fully-audited, ultra-secure architecture during the life of the loan so borrowers and lenders can transact with confidence.

“We’re very excited to have SALT supported in Jaxx’s awesome wallet.” Said Shawn Owen, CEO of SALT. “We’re incredibly grateful to be partnering with such a great wallet and we look forward to integrating SALT’s service into the Jaxx experience in the future!”

About Jaxx:

Jaxx is a multi-token blockchain wallet that provides a unified experience across 8 platforms and devices including Windows, Apple and Linux desktops, Apple and Android mobile devices and tablets, as well as a Google Chrome extension. The Jaxx wallet enables crypto-to-crypto buying and selling with frictionless in-wallet conversion. Users are always in control of their keys and Jaxx neither holds nor has access to customer funds. Driven by design and user experience and built with simplicity in mind, Jaxx’s mission is to become the interface to the blockchain world.

About Salt Lending:

SALT is a lending platform that lets Members leverage their blockchain assets to secure cash loans, making it easy to get money without having to sell their favorite investment. SALT has simplified the loan application process by focusing on the value of the borrower’s blockchain assets instead of their credit score. Borrowers are automatically matched with capital from an extensive network of lenders. SALT keeps collateral assets safe in a fully-audited, ultra-secure architecture during the life of the loan so borrowers and lenders can transact with confidence.

An Update on BCH in Jaxx

The decentral & blockchain ecosystem has been growing rapidly this year and we’ve been working hard to stay right on its forefront. There are so many tokens & projects we are eager to support. The innovation and creativity we see in this industry are inspiring. This past Spring we began planning a significant expansion of our own infrastructure to support our rapid growth and to facilitate much more rapid integration of new tokens in the future.

Jaxx uses Insight Server – the same service used by several other major platforms. Insight, you may be aware, decided not to support Bitcoin Cash. This left us with a rather lot of work to sync and reindex the BCH blockchain on a completely new system.

This process has taken longer than expected. The BTC blockchain is quite large.

We’re quite close to being complete with BCH integration. We spent most of this past week testing and, as of the end of day Friday, still see performance issues. I promise that when we do release BCH support in our wallet that it will be reliable. User experience & user control are our highest priorities here at Jaxx. The masterseed, the interface and the nodes we run are the source of that empowerment; our team is proud of our platform & we’ll always hold ourselves to these high standards.

We’re not just employees here – we’re users, too, and we’re also anxious to be able to control our BCH in our own Jaxx wallets. We’ll be ready soon. In the meantime, if you received BCH in the August 1st fork and have not moved it off to a different address, that BCH is safe and will be accessible in Jaxx next week.


#BCHinJaxx Update for September 14th:

An update from Nilang, our CTO, and the back-end dev team: Today we’re continuing our work from yesterday in verifying information from our current indexer. We’ve discovered that our method has some limitations due to the amount of data we’re requesting from the client, which is a new issue we’ll need to address, ASAP. It’s likely we will be testing late tomorrow.


#BCHinJaxx Update for September 15th:

Today’s update on BCH in Jaxx: Our efforts yesterday verifying data from the indexer progressed well. We’ve not had any new surprises or challenges and have been able to move forward strongly. We’ll be testing this afternoon.



#BCHinJaxx Update for September 18th:

Today’s update from Nilang, our CTO: “We are continuing testing &  validating transaction data on the BCH chain. Testing on Friday went well but we’re not yet at a point to be confident enough to take it live. Testing continues.”
#BCHinJaxx Update for September 19th:
Yesterday’s testing went well in that we have been able to move through several significant items on our list to confirm. Parsing & indexing has been a challenge. There still remain four significant hurdles for us to clear before we can call ourselves ready to take this code to production. Specifically (our largest issue) surrounds blocks with broken transaction data – how we manage this. Testing continues.



#BCHinJaxx Update for September 20th:

Testing will continue later today after we finish debugging work from yesterday related to our indexing process. We’ve made progress from yesterday but are still not in a place to deploy this code.



#BCHinJaxx Update for September 21st:

Debugging the broken transaction issue in our indexing process continues. We’re well past half-way through the list. We’re still not in a place to take our code to production but we have moved closer from where we were yesterday. We’ll continue sweating today.

#BCHinJaxx Update for September 22nd:

Though we’re not done the debugging work on the indexer we do continue to move forward towards the finish line. In preparation to actually go live we’ve begun testing new transactions and shapeshifting. Our eye is on edge cases & on identifying potential bugs. We continue.

#BCHinJaxx Update for September 25th:

In our edge-case work from last week we’ve identified a new “show-stopping bug” that’ll get our attention today. We’ve a clear path to resolving this one and expect to square it away and be back to testing, pronto.


#BCHinJaxx Update for September 27th:

We’ve deployed a significant upgrade to the Jaxx platform, our version 1.3. This version includes significant backend improvements that the process of integrating BCH into our v1.2 series exposed as necessary. 1.3 removes the largest roadblocks to BCH integration – we do, however, need to do the integration & test it still. This work will begin late in the day today.


#BCHinJaxx Update for September 28th:

Testing of BCH on our new (1.3) release has begun and is progressing well. We’ll not be through it all today and we’re not going to tempt fate by releasing this on a Friday. Could you imagine? We’ll continue testing tomorrow & likely into early next week. Stay tuned, we’re moving forward.

#BCHinJaxx Update for September 29th:

We pick up today right where we left off yesterday. Regardless of how well it goes we’ll not be releasing it on a Friday afternoon. We’ll keep pushing and update you again Monday morning with out plans for the week.



#BCHinJaxx Update for October 2nd:

Good Monday morning – we didn’t get ourselves to a testable release on Friday – we continue our work here today with that goal.



#BCHinJaxx Update for October 3rd:

Testing BCH in our 1.3 continues well. We’ve completed testing on the server side and have moved to our front end tests. Progress.



#BCHinJaxx Update for October 4th:

Testing has gone well enough that we’ll be starting a build that includes BCH. This build won’t be released today – but assuming it goes well, we will release BCH in our Chrome & Android versions, tomorrow.



#BCHinJaxx Update for October 5th:

In order to initialize your BCH wallet in Jaxx you will need to update your instance of Jaxx to the most recent 1.3.2. BCH will not be supported in older versions of Jaxx. We have included code dependencies necessary for BCH support in our 1.3.2 release but we have not enabled BCH YET. We have a small amount of testing remaining before flipping that switch. Depending on how those last tests go tomorrow, we may be in a position to enable BCH before the weekend. If not – we will inform you – we will look to make this release next week.



#BCHinJaxx Update for October 6th:

It will have to be next week; for now we’ll wish you a happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving. We’ll be back in our office and working towards BCH releases Tuesday 10th October.


#BCHinJaxx Update for October 10th:

We’re back in the saddle after a long holiday weekend. We’ll continue pushing to test and verify BCH in our 1.3 release. We’ll keep this post updated as work progresses through the week.


#BCHinJaxx Update for October 17th:


It’s been a week since we last posted our daily update; we’ve been quiet but we’ve been working. We’ve got BCH completed and incorporated into the front end of our 1.3 releases. Before we will activate it in your wallet, however, we still have work to do on the back end BCH nodes. That work is ongoing – see below for specifics on what we’re doing, right from the keyboards of our developers on the project.

In plain language, we are pursuing two development solutions concurrently to solve our problems indexing and parsing the BCH chain.

*10th October:*
– Writing a tool that will repair BCH addresses that incorrectly show zero-balance due to bad indexing
– Address diagnostics for correct balance verification addresses.


*11th October:*
– Writing a tool for converting addresses between BCH and BTC formats, which is the main reason for addresses giving no balance.
–  Writing a parsing tool for the blockchain to have a functioning parser.


*12th October:*
– Created base utility which makes rpc calls against the BCH blockchain and maximum number of blocks.
– Added logic for converting block index into block hash and reading the block. Parsed result to create a cache for both block details and transactions. Worked on inserting the cache into MySQL, having an issue with BLOB inserts.


*13th October*
– Resolved binary/BLOB conversion issues; working on bulk MySQL updates.
– Resolved MySQL bulk insertions and ran through insertion tests. Hit an RPC timeout issue.
– After team discussion, we put retry logic into the new tool and it started processing; this isn’t returning all the transaction details. Trying a REST API call instead.  

– Investigated call and will experiment further once first experiment completes.
– Turned on the REST API and started updating the indexer to extract the transaction details.

*16th October*
– Updated schema to reflect changes made on Aurora; removal of 32 byte hash transaction and BLOBs.  Tested REST API block call, started to add support for vin and vout entries.
– Writing parsing routines for vin and vout.
– Completed vin/vout code, rewrote and tested caching system (for MySQL updates) and started import.
– Working on empty vout values, code currently errors and skips over.



#BCHinJaxx Update for October 18th:

Work continues in earnest on our two production solutions surrounding the indexing of, and interacting with, BCH. We’ve also begun a third, experimental, approach. Notes from our dev teams on these projects:

– Input indexing and tests
– Modified indexer to account for new data model from yesterday
– Checking addresses on BCH Insight to see how they’re built
– Working on tool to build addresses according to different formats

– R&D on indexer infrastructure
– Developing Performance Profiler
– Multithreaded I/O scheduler




#BCHinJaxx Update for October 19th:

We’ve been updating our cloud architecture to use Insight’s bch implementation api.  Specifically we’ve been compling their api and the necessary supporting libraries. We’ll then be building the bch blockchain such that we can do indexing & query the blockchain in a more useful manner.

A more specific rundown from one of our devs: “Looked into what is required for Insight configuration to support BCH. Continued with Insight configuration; modified configuration but decided to wait on re-indexing for the moment while I copied BTC blockchain to a separate directory in order to experiment with Insight. Had unexpected “stat” issues when copying the files but was finally able to copy and verify. As requested, looked into removing blocks after BCH, found a possible solution but will need further work. Bottom line parse the block files, look for height 478558 and delete everything after (including 478558). As a backup, started compressing my local copy of BCH. Received docker file and started to look at Insight integration – wasn’t able to find direct docs.




#BCHinJaxx Update for October 20th:

With respect to the Insight implementation mentioned: node is running but API not responding correctly. Suspect configuration issue – will address this today. Other specifics:

– Output spending: verification of outputs, will go more in depth tomorrow once the master list of addresses is on-hand.
– Modified stored procedures according to data model changes
– BTC/BCH address adapter (this is work in progress)

With respect to R&D:

1. R&D on indexer infrastructure
1.1. Refactoring
1.1.1. Tooling
1.1.2. Architecture/cleaning
1.2. Benchmarking
1.2.1. Current RPC offering (slow)
1.2.2. Direct reading




#BCHinJaxx Update for October 23rd:

– Running address tests and Working on the algorithm for BTC -> BCC address conversion
– Tooling, Benchmarking, and Profiling; reviewing mathematically formal cases

We’ve been preparing end-to-end test cases for tomorrow. We’re excited and looking forward to the outcomes of those tests.




#BCHinJaxx Update for October 24th:

We’ve begun testing BCH in the wallet. In our primary production solution for BHC: Indexing is complete and we left the tester running overnight to get a good batch of results to review this morning. In today’s tests we’ve been seeing transaction mempool conflicts and another issue in the front end where a GET to the tx/send endpoint doesn’t update transaction history.

Development of our secondary production system continues. From our lead developer on the project: “Verified BCH state – completed 70% of the blockchain loading; very slow. Then resolved BCH Claim issue when still attempting to claim after a successful txn, added transactions messages and removed commented code.”




#BCHinJaxx Update for October 25th:

* AWS Volume expansion for staging: researched best practices for AWS Volume resizing; worked out a series of steps to update the AWS staging volume. Started to shutdown the staging instance but found the “delete-on-termination” flag was set to TRUE. Found an article that describes how to update an already running instance but the tone suggested it “should” work. Decided to do the snapshot without bringing down the instance. Instead of resizing the root volume, will create a new volume from the snapshot and mount it to staging instead; this is the preferred approach. Created new volume from snapshot, updated mount point and restarted BCH Insight daemon. Finally, end-to-end Insight BCH testing.

* Testing BCH transactions send receive process, Coding transactions parser, confirmations counter, Balances updater.




#BCHinJaxx Update for October 26th:

Today we have been:

– Made utxo call not return utxos that are spent in a transaction in the mempool
– Included unconfirmed txs in transaction list call
– Working on unconfirmed transaction details call more fully (this remains in-progress)
– Reviewed BCH Claim process and raised points regarding the reason we decided to query BTC instead of only from BCH. Will explore this deeper tomorrow.
– Spent time going through BCH performance changes for claim calculation. Still need to confirm on waiting until restore history completes before starting the next.
– Preparing for further BCH Insight end-to-end testing. (BCH Insight responds to all queries; however, all the values are zero. The Bitcoin_ABC version of the blockchain does contain the correct values but unsure why Insight isn’t picking it up – more work here is required.
– Wallet-side will need some code changes to handle emergency switch overs (once Insight is working stably). More importantly will need to discuss changing the version byte to prevent users from unintentionally sending BCH to a BTC wallet or BTC to a BCH wallet. Continuing to looking Insight BCH to determine why the queries are having an issue.




#BCHinJaxx Update for October 27th:

– resolved the UTXO / mempool issues
– resolved unconfirmed transaction issues
– explored BCH claim process; preparing for exception testing next week
– explored “The zero problem” from yesterday; despite Insight indicating the synchronization was finished, it wasn’t. So test cases were referencing data from yesterday which wasn’t available yet. Planned management of this and set re-testing plans for Monday.




#BCHinJaxx Update for October 30th:

Today we’ve been pursuing BCH in Jaxx with:

– R&D on indexer infrastructure with byte-level parsing of the blockchain.
– Benchmarking REST API
— Testing REST API block call, doing some basic initial benchmarking and looking into possible parsing solutions
– Discussing possible parsing solutions, including the byte-level experiment.
– Looking into mempool failure issue, causes, possible solutions and approaches
— Determined to increase memory for the moment and possibly use a stream to parse the resulting JSON. This will be tested ASAP.
– Checked status of BCH Insight, read up on November 13 target changes for Bitcore ABC and spun up a new instance to test Bitcore ABC 0.15.1




#BCHinJaxx Update for October 31st:

– Solved the mempool failure issue;
– Completed front-end test cases;
– Rolling out new Insight instance compliant to BCH 13th November changes (will continue this, tomorrow)
– Completed benchmarking REST API; update discussions of parsing solutions held with key team members; adjusted and outlined next-steps for work here.




#BCHinJaxx Update for November 1st:

– Documentation; prep’ing for new-hire onboarding
– BCH version update (see this news site for details on 13th november updates  )
– Testing transaction sending; unconfirmed balance fluctuation during/after send. Found the problem with data inconsistency; developing solution to this bug will be straightforward




#BCHinJaxx Update for November 2nd:

– We believe we’ve got our primary solution to a BCH back end operating smoothly enough to take it to production.
— To that end we have begun both user acceptance testing and regression testing on all eight platforms users can interact with Jaxx on. We will be thorough with this before we push live into production.




#BCHinJaxx Update for November 3rd:

– User acceptance testing continues to go well – we’re half-way through these tests. Work will continue Monday.
– Regression testing across all 8 platforms we support also has progressed well and without errors today. We’re not-quite to half-way through these tests.





#BCHinJaxx Update for November 6th:

We’re excited to announce that both Front-end and Back-end testing has gone well and we are progressing with a staged roll out of BCH to our user base.

The roll out will occur in stages to help us manage the load we expect to see created from the over 400,000 Jaxx users. The stages will progress as follows:

November 6th: a large block of Chrome and Android users will see BCH support in Jaxx.

November 7th & 8th: increased numbers of Chrome and Android users will see support for BCH in Jaxx. All users of the Mac, Windows and Linux Desktop Jaxx Applications will see support for BCH.

November 9th: all users on Desktops, Android and Chrome will see BCH support in Jaxx.

An update to the Apple App Store will be made shortly; at the time of this post we have yet to submit the iOS update to Apple for approval.

Recall: you are in complete control of your assets through their private keys. You should back-up your 12-word Masterseed to be sure you never lose access those assets. Your keys, your funds, and your wallets are all in your control; we do not have access, ever. You should write down your 12-word Backup Phrase found by touching Menu > Tools > Backup Wallet and store that phrase in a safe and secure place. Conveniently, this phrase is all you need to pair your wallet from one platform to another.




#BCHinJaxx Update for November 7th:

We can report that the staged roll-out of BCH in Jaxx is proceeding as planned. Another large group of Android and Chrome users have access today; all users of Mac, Windows and Linux desktop users have access today. Further roll-out to Android and Chrome will follow tomorrow.




#BCHinJaxx Update for November 8th:

We’ve rolled out BCH to another large block of Android and Chrome users. The staged roll out process is going well – we’ve not had any significant issues.

You might see issues claiming BCH in Jaxx if you have a PIN active protecting the wallet. A hotfix was built today and will be released this afternoon; the workaround is to temporarily disable the PIN on your wallet and claim the BCH without the PIN active. Touch: MENU > Settings > Setup Security PIN




#BCHinJaxx Update for November 9th:

We’ve expanded the roll out per our plan, again. Most users of Jaxx have access to BCH now. Three items to be aware of:

– the hotfix solution to the security PIN preventing BCH claims has been implemented and works. This is no longer an issue.

– an update to our iOS app for Apple users is pending approval with Apple. This will be available to download shortly – keep an eye on your App Store updates section.

– You need to be running the latest version of Jaxx (that’s v 1.3.6). Once you are running 1.3.6, simply touch Menu / Wallets / BCH to initialize your BCH wallet. Once initialized you will be able to view your wallet and touch ‘claim’. Wait for a few moments for the balance to show up – approximately 3 minutes.




#BCHinJaxx Update for November 10th:

We’ve continued our roll out of BCH to new block of users. We’ve been keeping a close eye on our BCH backend as transaction load has increased. BCH transaction volume is up – we’re paying close attention this weekend and will continue our roll out Monday.




#BCHinJaxx Update for November 13th:

Good morning – a short note to confirm that we are 100% rolled-out with BCH on our Chrome Extension, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux desktop versions. iOS will follow shortly.

Jaxx Statement on Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


On Tuesday August 1st, 2017, at 12:20pm UTC, Bitcoin Cash, a new digital currency which has been gaining a lot of attention recently, will come to existence. Since Bitcoin Cash (BCH*) is a fork of Bitcoin (BTC), should you own and are in control of the private keys to your Bitcoin (BTC), you will have the ability to claim the same corresponding amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

In preparation for this fork, users who wish to claim their Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are advised to move their Bitcoins (BTC) off hosted wallets and exchanges to a place where they can be in control of the private keys to their Bitcoin (BTC). With a few exceptions, hosted services such as Coinbase will not be giving their users the ability to retrieve their corresponding Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

What does this mean for Jaxx users?

As a multi-platform, multi-currency blockchain wallet, over the past many days, we have been flooded with requests to support Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Yesterday, we officially made the decision to work towards full integration.

Since Jaxx users are always in control of their private keys, corresponding Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will be safe in your Jaxx wallet. However, please know that you will not be able to access/send/receive your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) until the integration takes place.

The process of downloading and indexing the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain is lengthy. We are currently downloading the blockchain and expect indexing to start shortly. The indexing of a blockchain as big as Bitcoin’s has an unknown duration and could take anywhere from a few days to 1 to 2 weeks. You will be then able to claim them once Jaxx fully integrates Bitcoin Cash (BCH) into the wallet.

Recommendations for Jaxx users

Jaxx users wishing to claim their Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can do one of the following:

  • Leave your Bitcoin (BTC) untouched in Jaxx until the full integration of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) goes live
  • Send your Bitcoins (BTC) to an exchange that will be allowing users the ability to claim their Bitcoin Cash (BCH) such as our partner Bittrex
  • Send your Bitcoins (BTC) to a wallet that will be allowing users the ability to claim their Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Export your Bitcoin (BTC) keys (see below) from Jaxx or send your Bitcoin (BTC) to a wallet that will be fully supporting both Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCC) at launch

As always, please feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions. For the latest news on this matter and for the latest news on Jaxx in general, please refer to our @Jaxx_io Twitter account.

For technical questions or support, please reach out to our customer success team here.

For more information about Bitcoin Cash (BCH), you can visit the following websites:

*Please note that we and many others are now referring to Bitcoin Cash as “BCH” due to “BCC” having already been claimed by another currency



Please know that there are a lot of unknowns that can emerge in the blockchain ecosystem especially when hard forks occur. We will do our best to keep you informed and provide guidance, however it is your responsibility to fully understand the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies. Please visit Jaxx.io and familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before using our product.

Steps for exporting your private keys from Jaxx

  1. Menu / Tools / Display Private Keys / Display Bitcoin Keys
  2. Export any Bitcoin (BTC) keys that have balances or any other Bitcoin (BTC) keys you wish
  3. See the instructions on the service you wish to import the keys into for further information

Jaxx Blockchain Wallet Announces Plan to Integrate Zcash

Toronto, ON – October 25, 2016 – Decentral, creators of the universal blockchain wallet Jaxx, today announced plans to integrate Zcash into its entire suite of software platforms. The integration is scheduled to come into effect within days of the mining of Zcash’s genesis block on October 28. Zcash aims to give users the ability to make confidential and selectively disclosable transactions, powered by its cryptocurrency, ZEC. Zcash is positioned to provide the first privacy-centric payments that are inherent to the protocol.


CEO of Jaxx, Anthony Di Iorio said, “Zcash has garnered a lot of attention from all around the world and we at Jaxx have received a lot of interest from our users to have it available as soon as it launches. We will be able to offer Zcash on a number of different platforms, and are working well with the developers to enable a seamless integration. VCs have invested in Zcash, there’s cutting edge security technology behind it and that’s resulted in quite a lot chatter in the crypto community. Zcash holds an extraordinary amount of promise.”


Zcash works by way of zero-knowledge proofs; the protocol works such that two parties receive verified information without knowing who each other are, or seeing the subsequent data exchange. Zcash trades and payments will see transactions published on a public blockchain, with the option of keeping the sender, recipient, and amount confidential.


Zcash CEO Zooko Wilcox said, “Zcash is a new technology that lets you put encrypted data into a blockchain. Blockchains as they currently exist, don’t offer much (or any) control over the disclosure of the data that you put on the blockchain. Any data that you put in there is visible to all users of the blockchain. Zcash is the first protocol of its kind and is the accumulation of years of academic research, hard engineering work, and diligent security work. I’m happy to see that established companies with their own technology, strategy, and user base are already adding Zcash support. This is a sign of a robust and diverse Zcash ecosystem already beginning to grow.”


Zcash uses a type of zero-knowledge proof called a zk-SNARK, developed by a team of experienced cryptographers. zk-SNARK allow the network to maintain a secure ledger of balances without disclosing the parties or amounts involved. Instead of publicly listing spend-authority and transaction values, the transaction metadata is encrypted and zk-SNARK is used to prove that users are spending value they actually have ownership over.


Zcash becomes the fifth token Jaxx has added on its wallets in less than three months, following the successful integrations of Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash and Augur; all within the world’s top ten list of cryptocurrency by market cap.


“Jaxx has always been blockchain agnostic, but we listen very closely to the requests of our users. I’m extremely proud of what our team has been able to achieve by including so many popular tokens in such a short time. We will continue working around the clock to make these integrations and will include even more in the near future,” said Di Iorio.


Since launching in June 2016, over 70,000 users have downloaded Jaxx.




Jaxx CEO Anthony Di Iorio is available for interview.


About Jaxx:
Jaxx is a multi-token blockchain wallet that provides a unified experience across 9 platforms and devices, including Windows, Apple and Linux desktops, Apple and Android mobile devices and tablets, as well as Google Chrome and Firefox extensions. The Jaxx wallet enables crypto-to-crypto buying and selling with frictionless in-wallet conversion. Users are always in control of their keys and Jaxx neither holds nor has access to customer funds. Design and user experience driven, and built with simplicity in mind, Jaxx’s mission is to become the interface to the blockchain world.
To learn more, visit jaxx.io


About Zcash:
The Zcash Company is a science-driven team; a combination of academic expertise in computer science and cryptography with security software engineering talent. We are developing the next generation of secure digital currency and blockchain technology through the use of zero-knowledge proofs, to guarantee privacy and confidentiality. We aim to set a new standard for privacy. The Zcash protocol is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency offering total payment confidentiality. Unlike Bitcoin, Zcash transactions automatically hide the sender, recipient, and value of all transactions on the blockchain. It is based on peer-reviewed cryptographic research, and built by a world-class, security-focused engineering team. However, as with any new technology, there is risk involved. Currently the team is focused on building and maintaining an open, permissionless system that is viable, robust, and justifiably reliable and secure for users.

Customizing Jaxx: How to Manage Tokens and Currencies

In line with Jaxx’s mission to unify the blockchain experience, we have integrated multiple tokens into our wallet over the past few months and continue to explore opportunities with other tokens. At this point, you can manage Bitcoin, Ether, Ethereum Classic, DASH, Litecoin and Augur’s REP in Jaxx, and easily convert them right in the wallet using ShapeShift.


While offering the option to hold several different tokens, we take into account that some users might only transact in one token or a select few. Also, given our users are based in different countries across the globe, we provide a series of fiat currencies. With our users in mind, we’ve introduced a feature that allows users to select which tokens and currencies are displayed by default and how to hide the rest.


Demo on Customizing Jaxx


In the video below, Annie from Jaxx will show you how to customize your Jaxx wallet so that you can add and sort the tokens and currencies that you want to see.


Her Jaxx wallet on iOS initially supports Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens only, in Canadian and US currencies. By going to “wallets” nested in the hamburger menu on the top right hand corner, you can add a few more or all of the tokens that Jaxx offers to the main interface, and display more or all of the currencies. You can also customize the order that tokens and currencies appear in by dragging and dropping them.


If you accidentally unchecked a token you have funds in, don’t worry. When a token is hidden, you won’t lose any of your funds; they will be sitting there until you re-activate it.


In any case, don’t forget to back up your wallet and secure your 12-word mnemonic phrase. Only get your Jaxx wallet from Jaxx.io and trusted stores.