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30 Days of Jaxx, Day 16: Jaxx Announces Support for Aragon Network Token Jaxx Wallet

30 Days of Jaxx, Day 16: Jaxx Announces Support for Aragon Network Token Jaxx Wallet

19th September 2017 – Toronto

Aragon.One & Jaxx announce support in the Jaxx wallet for the ANT token.

The Aragon Network aims to be the first decentralized jurisdiction – the first decentralized venue for dispute resolution. Aragon will provide an optimal environment for decentralized organizations to thrive. Token holders will be able to change subscription fees and minting rate, decide which services to provide, vote on capital allocations or investments, and to self-upgrade the network.

Anthony Di Iorio, CEO of Jaxx and co-founder of Ethereum said “Aragon is the first DAO to act as a digital court. Luis & Jorge are solving the two main hurdles to make decentralized organizations widespread: upgradeability and decentralized arbitration.”

Luis Cuende is highly motivated, “Our goal is to provide a way for people to easily and securely run their organizations in a decentralized manner. We believe that disintermediating human trade  is the first step towards a more fair, efficient world. By giving everyone the chance to be in control of their financial lives and the ability to run any kind of organization, we look to solve many of the issues people, especially in the developing countries, are facing by not having access to banks. We believe – like Anthony does – in a decentralized future. We’re working to empower the decentralized ecosystem!”

About Aragon:

We believe that the blockchain and the Internet are changing the incentives for companies to exist, and we are building tools for the next generation of companies that will take advantage of these changes. Aragon was born to disintermediate the creation and maintenance of companies and other organizational structures. Aragon was founded by Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo. Read the whitepaper on www.aragon.one or join the Aragon community chat at www.aragon.chat

About Jaxx:

Jaxx is a multi-token blockchain wallet that provides a unified experience across 9 platforms and devices including Windows, Apple and Linux desktops, Apple and Android mobile devices and tablets, as well as a Google Chrome extension. The Jaxx wallet enables crypto-to-crypto buying and selling with frictionless in-wallet conversion. Users are always in control of their keys and Jaxx neither holds nor has access to customer funds. Driven by design and user experience and built with simplicity in mind, Jaxx’s mission is to become the interface to the blockchain world.