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The Jaxx Team Is Growing!

30 Days of Jaxx, Day 4: Our New Chief Security Officer

Today, Jaxx is proud to welcome Dr. Shu Wang, (PhD. Computer Science) to its team. Shu comes with a wealth of experience in the Security, Infrastructure and Cloud Computing space, having held such positions as Advisory Software Engineer & Researcher for IBM’s Security AppScan Source product. He has contributed to IBM’s Team Blue, which won 3rd place in the DEFCON world network forensics contest, in addition to winning 2nd place in a cross-team Hackathon. Shu also published a paper titled “Static application security testing for crypto-currency ecosystems“ in 2014, which was met with wide acclaim in the ecosystem.

Shu joins Jaxx at a critical time in the blockchain industry as it continues to garner increased public interest. Security has always been a top priority for Jaxx, which has a history of innovation when it comes to blockchain privacy and security. For example, Jaxx was one of the first cryptocurrency wallets to transition towards a HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) format for its users. Shu’s addition to the team will directly contribute to the company’s overall mission of empowering individuals to take control of their digital lives by securing Jaxx’s core products and ensuring that user identities and assets are protected.

“Dr. Wang’s wealth of experience in IT security, coupled with his enthusiasm for the blockchain industry, signals to our users that we’re continuously focusing on maintaining our position as a privacy and security leader,” said Jaxx founder and CEO Anthony Di Iorio.

“I’ve personally witnessed Anthony and Decentral go from small meetups up to launching Ethereum, followed by Jaxx being introduced to the space,” said Dr. Shu Wang. “The growth has been tremendous. I’m excited to be part of the team because of how Jaxx strives to innovate in the industry. Introducing Shapeshift to the platform was one such innovation and I can’t wait to help with future integrations.”

With Di Iorio at the helm, Jaxx has grown substantially over the past three months by doubling the size of its team. Shu’s addition adds to a string of other corporate crossovers to the Jaxx team, a trend that has increased in the blockchain space as of late. Shu also joins a number of ex-IBMers, such as Warren Yen, our creative director.

Musiconomi Now on Jaxx

30 Days of Jaxx, Day 3: Musiconomi Added to Jaxx

Musiconomi integration can now be crossed off of Jaxx’s To Do list. Thanks in part to our partnership with CoFound.it as the official wallet for new token sales, Jaxx is excited to be a part of the first launch of many upcoming projects on the Cofound.it platform. As of today, users who wish to participate in the Musiconomi crowdsale can now use their Jaxx wallets to both send their funds to the crowd sale address and receive their forthcoming tokens immediately.

“We’re stoked to be Musiconomi’s official wallet and to carry its token on launch day,” said Jaxx founder and CEO Anthony Di Iorio. “Our goal is to be able to implement new coins and tokens as these new projects come online. They need our expertise and the support from the community, which our partnership with Cofoun.it offers in spades. We look forward to seeing Musiconomi, as well as other projects supported by Cofound.it, succeed in the future.”

Stay tuned for upcoming token sales on Cofound.it’s platform. As the official wallet, our goal at Jaxx is to implement tokens on their respective launch dates. Some of the upcoming projects are:

About Musiconomi:
The project’s aim is to build a creative environment that enables musicians to exercise control over their content rights and revenue streams by empowering a community of artists, listeners and entrepreneurial music enthusiasts anywhere in the world to create and exchange value in a transparent and timely manner. Using the latest in blockchain technology, the Musiconomi model will allow musicians to incentivize listeners to promote and share music, while retaining control of their revenue, thereby creating new music economy that inspires growth and rewards all users efficiently and appropriately.

Cofound.it’s CFI Token Now Live in Jaxx

30 Days of Jaxx, Day 2: CFI Token Integration

Jaxx is excited to announce the addition of the Cofound.it (CFI) token to its platform. On top of the token integration, Jaxx is looking forward to developing its partnership with Cofound.it through multiple upcoming blockchain projects. As a platform, Cofound.it supports the development, vetting and launching of new projects, which ultimately helps in creating value for all stakeholders.

As the official wallet for future Cofound.it token sales, Jaxx is thrilled to be supporting the Cofound.it platform. Users participating in Cofound.it token sales using the Jaxx wallet will instantly have their new tokens available in their wallet.

Jaxx users are recommended to take advantage of Cofound.it’s “Priority Pass”, which grants users early access to Cofound.it crowd sales. This requires a minimum of 5,000 verified (CFI) tokens in the user’s Jaxx wallet whenever a token pre-sale is happening. The more CFI tokens being held, the more a user can participate in pre-sales. Please visit Cofound.it’s blog for more details.

“It’s always exhilarating to support others in our space when their goals mirror ours,” said Anthony Di Iorio, founder and CEO of Jaxx. “Adding CFI tokens to our wallet should signal to our users that they’ll be able to participate in token sales in a much faster way than ever before. Our ecosystem is moving at lightning speed and our strategic partnership with Cofound.it will help us streamline the release of new tokens.”

Stay tuned for upcoming token sales on Cofound.it’s platform. As the official wallet, our goal at Jaxx is to implement tokens on their respective launch dates. Some of the upcoming projects are:

About Cofound.it
Cofound.it is a distributed global platform that connects exceptional startups, experts and investors worldwide. It will first be built by the blockchain community for the blockchain community — and then for the whole world.

Introducing 30 Days of Jaxx!

Day 1:  Po.et now live on our platform for token sale participants

Back in 2016, we challenged ourselves to bring 7 Days of Jaxx to you, our users. The goal was to use consecutive days to show what we had been working on leading up to that point. It included new releases of our wallet and announcements on new token integrations. We eventually expanded those 7 days into 14 days. This year, we decided to step it up a notch.

Our goal for this campaign is to demonstrate how we’re building up our multi-coin, multi-interface wallet to be the industry leader. While unveiling a few surprises, we also want to show just how much fun we’re having along the way!

For the 30 days of Jaxx, there will be a number of different announcements and these may include:

  • New Token / Coin Integrations: We’ve continued to build upon our incredible partner network with many emerging and top blockchain projects. Over the next 30 days, we’ll be integrating a number of new coin/token partner projects into our wallet. This will undoubtedly make us one of the most comprehensive wallets in the industry.
  • New Software Updates: Like our previous Days of Jaxx campaign, we’re excited to reveal some new features, designs and additions to our core product, which has made us a favorite for crypto enthusiasts. Stay tuned for a number of key rollouts that will create even more value to our users.
  • Team & Company Announcements: Jaxx is a fast-moving company and we’re constantly growing. We’ll be announcing some major team additions, signaling to our users that we are committed to our mission of empowering people to take back ownership of their digital lives.
Announcing Po.et Integration

On Day #1 of the 30 days of Jaxx, we’re happy to announce that we’re including Po.et integration on all of our platforms. As the official wallet partner for Po.et’s successful crowdsale, users that participated will now be able to see their Po.et balances directly in their Jaxx wallet, all while being able to send and receive tokens securely.

For Po.et users – We would like to remind you that in order to see a new coin or token in your Jaxx wallet, you must go into your settings to activate it.

About Po.et
Po.et (Proof of Existence 2.0) is a Bitcoin blockchain protocol that establishes an open, universal and immutable ledger for managing the unalterable ownership, attribution and licensing of creative digital assets. Po.et builds a bridge between creators, editors and publishers and enables the discovery of new content and verification, authenticity and authorization of generated content through a truly transparent and timestamped system of attribution. Po.et is based in Singapore and the United States, with offices in Los Angeles, CA. For more information about Po.et and to access the official Po.et whitepaper, please visit po.et.

Join us tomorrow as the fun continues with Day 2 of our 30 Days of Jaxx!