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Ethereum Infographic: Homestead Release

The last few months have been very exciting for the Ethereum community. As more and more individuals, startups and established tech firms become acquainted with Ethereum’s potential as a platform for disruptive decentralized technology, the ecosystem continues to explode. This excitement will continue as we ramp up to the March 14th release of Homestead, the second major version release of Ethereum.

To celebrate the milestone ahead, we’ve updated our What is Ethereum infographic… Homestead style. This will serve as an excellent primer for beginners and anyone else who’s interested in getting a high-level overview of what Ethereum is all about. Enjoy!

Ethereum infographic
By Anthony Di Iorio

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One thought on “Ethereum Infographic: Homestead Release”

  1. This is a great infographic update! You should add a little something about the DAO! It’s #1 crowdfunded, and is a major step for ethereum.

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